New Jem drawing! (From the Infernal Devices written by cassandraclare)

Also allow me to take this moment to explain some things about how the Society6 shop works.

Firstly, I do not have control over what kind of phones they make the products for. In fact, I don’t have control over any of the production. Society6 is a website that creates all the products, so really the most I’m in charge of is what artworks I upload. 

Secondly, some of you have been asking why some are available as shirts and not others. This is entirely an aesthetic issue on my side. You see, I did not draw these pictures with the intention of making phones or shirts out of them, this is an afterthought. SO, some of the images just don’t look good on a shirt. At least not to me. Not without looking awkward, and I made a personal choice not to make them all available on shirts because I didn’t think the image lent itself well as a shirt design. 

Thirdly, I do not plan to post EVERY drawing I’ve done on there lol. Again, because of the aesthetic thing, but also because of other reasons, such as some drawings I did on commission and don’t feel comfortable selling them as separate merchandise, things like that. What’s on there now is probably all that I will be putting up there of my older drawings. From now on, only new drawings will be included in the Society6 store. (Such as, this new Jem picture!)

Hope that clears some things up, have an awesome day!